You couldn’t be “Les Miserables” on a French River Cruise

A river cruise is one of the best ways to see a country. Relaxed, serene and luxurious, a river cruise offers all the advantages of sight-seeing, along with the pleasures of being taken from one place to another, all without having to pack and unpack at each new destination. River cruises in Europe are gaining popularity every year, and travellers are beginning to savour the delights of gourmet food and five star accommodations, along with the pleasure of going through some spectacular countries.

France offers some of the finest cruises, and whether you take a short one lasting only a couple of days or a longer one lasting over two weeks, trips on French rivers offer any opportunity to see the country at its finest. For those who would like to see the heartland of the nation in comfort and in an elegant manner, a river trips are a great option.

Five Star Comforts

While you can find a cruise at various price points, there are also the equivalent of floating luxurious hotels. They offer the best of amenities, superb service and a plethora of entertainment on the ship and make sure that they travel through some of the most scenic areas of France. The ship management spends a lot of effort to make sure that their passengers travel in comfort and style and they do not have any dull moments on the ship.

Gourmet Food

French food is renowned or popular all over the world and these ships tend to do enough justice to that reputation with some of the finest cheeses and wines provided, the meals cooked by gourmet chefs and there is something new and delectable to be savoured almost every day. This level of indulgence is one of the reasons why Viking River Cruises and other French River Cruises are in such great demand nowadays.

Choice of Destinations

One of the longest cruises is the 15-day Paris to Avignon cruise. The first half of begins its journey from Paris along the Seine to the beaches of Normandy, while meandering through the lovely Norman countryside. The second part is through the artistic regions of Burgundy and Provence. These areas of the country are some of the best wine regions in the world with vineyards putting centuries of history and care into every bottle.  Whether you like a glass of wine or not, the wonderful countryside and gentle climate makes for a lovely, relaxed cruise.

A shorter 8-day cruise begins at Paris and travels through Giverny, Vernon, Rouen and then back to the romantic city of Paris. Another 8-day cruise through the southern parts of the country will take you to the famous provinces of Burgundy and Provence and end at the historical city of Avignon. There are many other options also available, such as the day cruises on the Seine in Paris, or the romantic and exciting night dinner cruises in Paris.

Advantages of River Cruises

They offer all the comforts and glamour of sea cruises, with more destinations and a closer look at the countries that are being visited. The stops are at historic and cultural spots, and there is ample opportunity to see some of the most famous cities in France or other countries. If you are going to France, river cruises combine luxury & style with efficiency and competence to provide a memorable holiday for its passengers.

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Harvey Stevens has been travelling the world for 30 years and has been trying to write about it for almost as long.  Discovering river cruises was a revelation after years of sea sickness on ocean cruises and he has been looking at for a trip beyond Europe.