Wroclaw goes all out to bring Euro 2012 to the people

In order to celebrate Euro 2012, Wroclaw in Poland are erecting three large screens in the fan zone, which is an area that includes the main square of the city. In this part of the city there is a bar which claims to be one of the longest in the country and there is also a restaurant here serving up Polish food for all of those in attendance.

There is also another place very close by which is popular with students and offers cafeteria style food where everything is rather cheap. All the food here is measured by weight, so you pay for how much you get, if you are looking for a great place to eat something before you go to watch a football match in the centre of the city, this can be a great and affordable destination.

Spiz Brewery is a tourist restaurant in the town, but this does not mean that it is a bad place. The prices here are perfectly reasonable given that it has a central location and it has not just been created in order to take tourists for a ride. It brews its own beer which is fantastic and has an enormous terrace which is very enjoyable to sit outside on.

If you’re wanting to watch the football, this is not the best place to come to as it doesn’t have any television screens. However, for a friendly and interesting atmosphere, then this is a great place to come.

If you are wanting to drink in a German style pub, then you should head to the Bavarian Bierhalle where you will find all of the waitresses dressed in Bavarian costumes. All of the beer comes in very large quantities and they are going to be setting up television screens when the football arrives.