World Airline Codes gets a makeover

Professionals in the aviation industry, as well as airport and plane enthusiasts from across the globe will be welcoming the news that World Airport Codes – – has now been updated and is providing even more resources and info on almost 10,000 airports around the world.

First launched ten years ago, and now with its own downloadable mobile app, World Airport Codes attracts a lot of interest – more than 20,000 unique visitors each day – even though the original design had received little attention and has only been updated once since. Users include pilots, travellers, plane spotters, students, PAs and aviation gamers.

Taking feedback from users, the site has now been modernised by its developers, Fubra, and the search facility has been simplified to provide easier usability.

Anyone interested in facts and figures about airports, as well as those with practical needs such as locating nearby hotels, booking car parking or checking out destinations, now have an even larger wealth of data at their fingertips through World Airport Codes.

“Coming up with a new design was relatively easy, but with nearly 10,000 airport pages to complete with data, creating and adding more information about airports proved a more difficult task,” explains Fubra’s Head of Product, Hannah Bird.

Fubra worked with several partners, including Sixt, Avis, Marriott, Hilton, Shuttlefare and Resorthoppa, who were able to supply data about airports and related information. Fubra then designed a program, called Travel Wizard, to collate and automatically assign content to relevant pages on World Airport Codes.

Fubra also took the decision to move the website over to WordPress which effectively turned the redesign into a complete overhaul.

“During the development we did encounter a few set backs,” admits Hannah. “Moving to WordPress proved to be a large task in itself as we had to create plugins for many of the tools we wanted to create. We also had to make sure we transferred all the data correctly and that no information was lost.”

With the new and improved World Airport Codes now available, Fubra has further plans to develop the site to make it even more relevant and useful for users.