Winter Sun in Greece

Looking for a little winter sun in Greece? A Greece holiday offers many great advantages over many other holiday locations in the world. If you have ever wanted to visit this beautiful country, but could not afford it at the height of the summer, then the off season of winter is the perfect time to visit this merry collection of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy all of the same benefits as in the summer, but with less crowds and lower costs.

Some people hear the popular rumor that the Greek islands close during the winter. This is categorically untrue, if not for the fact that many Greeks actually live on the islands themselves, and life does go on after the height of the tourist season. However, some of the larger resorts do close simply for the economic sense that it does make make them money to keep a 500 room hotel open if it is not full. Some of the tourist restaurants are also closed – but all this is actually to your benefit! It means that with all the tourist oriented outlets closed, you will not become just another common tourist in Greece. You can enjoy the real Greek food at the same restaurants that all the locals eat at. You can stay at the smaller, locally run hotels or bread and breakfasts and this way you are actually supporting the local Greek economy.

The weather in Greece at this time of year will be mild, and December through March it can be cold and rainy. However, this weather is much better for exploring the natural beauty of the Greeks islands, then for lazing out around the beach. You get to see much more! And experience more Greek culture than what the normal tourist experiences. The weather is variable, however, and while it may be chilly, it can also be warm and sunny.

Some islands are more popular than others, like Santorini, which gets tourists all year long. Many people insist that the winter months are the best months to spend in Greece. Islands with major cities – Rhodes, Crete – will be just like any other time of year, bustling and with an active day and night life. Many people might enjoy Athens the most in the wintertime. They could set up a base in Athens, from which they can experience the extensive nightlife, as well as be able to enjoy going out on day trips for some of the other islands.

There is plenty of activities and things to experience in Greece beyond the busy tourist season. If you can imagine yourself basking in the winter sun in Greece, then what’s holding you back? Fly there now for your perfect winter Greece holiday.

Article Courtesy of Sunvil