when in Rhodes, make sure to take a trip to Lindos

If you are visiting Rhodes Town then one of the best beaches  is Lindos Beach, which can be found about 56 kilometres from the city. This is a very popular destination for both old and young people and there are three main popular beaches in the area. There are numerous other attractions outside of the nature including a great many cultural sites of interest. The resort here overlooks a beautiful bay surrounded by wonderful sands.

The facilities at the beach are also excellent and there is plenty to keep tourists entertained. There are numerous shopping opportunities along the beachfront as well as great restaurants. If you are looking for accommodation options then you are going to be spoilt for choice and if you are looking for somewhere to have a drink then there are lots of taverns which enjoys sea views. The many restaurants here are always serving up great Greek food.

As well as having all of these great tourist facilities there are also the basics you would expect, such as a healthcare facility, post office, as well as a police station. During the holiday season there are many activities that take place on the beach, but most people find themselves coming here to just relax and get a suntan. The water here is crystal clear and is just perfect for swimming in.

The main section of the beach is usually crowded with tourists, so if you prefer a more secluded bathing location, then you should head to the edges of the beach where the water is shallower. Generally, these parts of the beach are less popular and you will be able to have a bit more privacy there. The beach can easily be reached from Rhodes town by public transport and it is also easy to make the trip by rental car.