Welcome to Western Australia

A trip to Western Australia is not just a holiday: it is a real adventure! This is the most savage, the most pristine of the entire Australian continent. Here you can get in touch with the authentic AustraliaRead, that of wide-open spaces and characteristic of the endless views and unforgettable sunsets over the Indian Ocean, one of the prohibitive distances where you have to fill up whenever you come across a gas station.

Sculpture by the Sea 2012 @ Cottesloe Beach, Perth WA by
Attribution-NoDerivs License
Perth is an amazing city: in fact, starting getting on the Swan River a stone’s throw from the downtown skyscrapers, in just over an hour by ferry you can reach an unspoilt island (Rottnest Island) with white beaches and a Caribbean sea.

The commercial and financial center is characterized by modern buildings soaring into the sky, and at its feet extends green parks where it seems almost to be the center of true forests. The Kings Park is a natural oasis with a wonderful skyline of downtown Perthche reflected in the waters of the Swan River.Perth has numerous hotels, but one that is always in my mind that alsi crosses the Swan River, is the Crown Perth Resort. Being honest with you the hotel is not cheap but it is worth all the money in the world. The Crown Perth hotels and restaurants offer magnificent views and meals which will never be forgotten – they offer a variety of rooms (with view to the River, Swimming Pool and the beach). If you decide to go there I am sure you will forget all your stress in their magnificent swimming pools and spas. The do also offer points to members – the more fun you have the most of the point you will get. For that reason, hurry up and join the Crown club for incredible and immediate benefits.

Among the attractions of the center is the Bell Tower; a bizarre building that overlooks the river, made ​​entirely of glass, surrounded by original fountains, it also hosts a museum with several collections and a part devoted to music and the London Court, a narrow passage full of purely British shops -style among the skyscrapers of downtown, with businessmen who mingle among the people walking in shopping. Perth is a city where public transportation is even free, its inhabitants are careful to strike the right balance between work and time devoted to them and to the healthy living.

The nearby Fremantle, which can be accessed with ferry from Perth, has become famous for hosting the America’s Cup sailing regatta of global importance. The center is built around the charming harbor, where there is always a holiday atmosphere with several Italian cafes, restaurants specializing in fresh seafood and traditional markets.

For a first taste of the local fauna we must bear alCaversham Wildlife, a reserve set in a natural park where you can see koalas up close which offers a huge space where you can come into contact with the marsupials, kangaroos and wallabies very accustomed to human presence so that you can pet and feed them.

Definitely more authentic is the most distant diYanchep park, which occupies a large area surrounded by a lake, with green spaces where you can spot kangaroos and wallabies in the wild, as well as a path winds on a wooden platform that allows easy meetings with koalas. If you dream of hopping between the kangaroos or watch a koala that leaps from one tree to another, this is the right place for you.

From Brand Hwy, which is a short diversion port on the coast, to the town of Lancelin, where a few hundred meters from the ocean rise endless majestic dunes of a dazzling white as snow – it is also called as a paradise for lovers of off-road and motocross.

The Pinnacles Desert | Lunar landscape
The first charming park that you meet while going north is the Nambung National Park, more commonly known as “Pinnacles Desert.”

It is a true miracle of nature and one of the most beautiful places in all of Australia: on its own it can justify a trip to the state of Western. By striking yellow desert monoliths it sprouts numerous rocky verticals, which are supposed to be the remains of an ancient forest. The background is dominated on one side by high white dunes, across the Indian Ocean. Tall spiers with bizarre shapes stand out from the sandy bottom creating a picturesque landscape. To visit it you must follow a dirt road with sandy path, walked quietly with normal cars, bordered by small rocks that create a very special effect.

The Pinnacles by Keiron
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

In addition to some amazing viewpoints, there are many places where you can leave the car behind and enjoy fun walks among the pinnacles, surrounded by some specimens of rare birds that flutter in the sky and then rest on the spires, including a path that allows to climb the yellow dunes and steep and enjoy an incredible view of the entire area in complete solitude. The park with the colors of the sunset becomes even more impressive, as the sun creates strange effects filtered through into pinnacles, whose shadow is cast on the elongated sand.

Another 400 miles of road is almost deserted, except from the lively town of Geraldton that you meet along the way, where you can taste the most delicious and cheap lobster across the country.