Walkers will have a great time on Skopelos

If you’re thinking about taking a walking holiday one of the best countries to go to can be Greece. Specifically, you should head on the island of Skopelos, which although a great place for walking, is not primarily famous because of this. It is most known for being the setting of the popular musical, Mamma Mia, which achieved even greater fame after the motion picture was filmed on the island recently.

Arriving on the island you will find yourself whisked up and the magic of its stunning surroundings. You will feel as if you really are on the cast of this musical, and you might just find yourself breaking into song. The walking here is really excellent and is wide ranging and there are also many beaches to relax on after a hard days hike.

The views on the island are also spectacular and by walking to some of the viewpoints, you are going to feel as if you have earned the spectacular vista that spans before you. Those who’ve seen the film, will be able to recognise some of the filming locations, although some were clearly fabricated for the movie and have since been removed. People will be disappointed to see that there is not a wooden jetty in real life, and this was just constructed for the film.

Interestingly, the chapel where the wedding takes place in the film, has been left standing even though was exclusively constructed for the film. It is possible to visit this set piece and it really is an enthralling experience, especially for those who are a big fan of the movie.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any of the olive groves that have featured in the film, as these are actually located on a different island. However there are plenty of wooded areas which can be wonderful to explore.