Viva Las Vegas

Get some luxury and opulence and mix it with hedonistic thrills and you can only be in one place; Las Vegas. This entertainment, shopping and gambling capital of the world is renowned for being the city of plenty, and there are many fascinating figures pertaining to this desert wonderland. Here are just a few of the facts about Nevada’s Sin City.

197,144 – The number of slot machines located throughout the numerous sprawling casinos in Las Vegas. Each of the ‘headliner’ hotels, such as Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand has its own casino within the grounds for both residents and guests, and there are countless others along the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are only 124,270 Las Vegas hotel rooms in all, meaning that if the occupants of every single room descended on the slot machines at the same time, there would still be more than one for each room.

315 – The average number of Las Vegas weddings per day. Famed for its drive-thru weddings, which are often a mixture of spontaneous romance and ultimate convenience, Las Vegas plays host to more than three hundred wedding ceremonies every day, 365 days a year. However, despite its reputation for the quickie marriage, not all of the ceremonies in Las Vegas are last-minute affairs. The sheer number of five star hotels, luxury ballrooms for hire and Michelin star chefs within the city makes Vegas a perfect destination for a wedding of any budget.

11 – The price of one acre of land in a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip, in millions of dollars. The Strip is one of the key Las Vegas attractions, and with sights such as the Bellagio Fountains, the Venetian, Planet Hollywood and Caesar’s Palace, it is little wonder that the cost of becoming their neighbours is so high.

6.1 – 2011’s average gambling revenue for the city of Las Vegas, in billions of dollars. Be it at the poker tables or the slot machines, the Las Vegas house always wins when it comes to revenue, but that doesn’t stop countless tourists from enjoying the thrill of trying to beat the roulette wheel year after year.

Gambling, though it is what the city has become most famous for, is not the only high-adrenaline activity that can be undertaken on a trip to Las Vegas; the city’s proximity to the world famous Grand Canyon means that plenty of excursions are available, with zip-lining, helicopter trips and sky dives all there to be enjoyed.

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