Visiting Vaasa in Finland

Vaasa is located on Finland’s west coast and is a mixture of Swedish and Finnish culture with over two-thirds of the population speaking Finnish while around a quarter speak Swedish. In 1852 the town burned to the ground after starting in a barn.

Out of the almost 400 buildings that make up the town only about 25 buildings were able to survive the fire. One thing that did come out of the great fire is that a plan was made to protect the town to protect it from another event occurring. Today the town is divided into five different avenues that can each contain fire should something happen.

Despite this fact, Vaasa is still made up of plenty of woods, parks, and leafy areas. The centre of the town features Market Square and nearby the busy local area is the Rewell Centre which is essentially a large mall that is between the Square and the Gulf of the area.

Summer is a great time to be in Vaasa when the days go on forever as it is one of the sunniest cities in Finland. Due to this fact, a lot of the local attractions are outdoors. Boat tours, sailing, fishing, birdwatching, and seal watching are all popular activities and with the island archipelago near the Gulf there is no better location to take advantage of these activities.

The city is also home to the Waslandia amusement park that is great for a full day of fun in the sun with typical rides and water rides. Nearby is also Tropiclandia which is a water park that features plenty of outdoor and indoor water slides. It also has large bubble baths for children and for the adults some relaxing saunas to spend a few hours in.