Visiting the most active volcano in the world; Moon’s Throne in Ecuador

Moon’s Throne is the name of the world’s most active volcano and it is found in the centre of Ecuador. This location is an incredibly unique place and the amount of nature here is quite outstanding. You will really be able to marvel at the wonder of the natural world when you visit this destination and there are very few other places on earth quite like it.

If you want to visit this volcano, and its surrounding natural beauty, the best place to start would be from the city of Quito which is located north of the more known cities of Latacunga and Ambato. Even travelling to this volcano is going to be a wonderful experience as you’re going to be surrounded by some of Ecuador’s most stunning landscapes.

When you first arrive you’ll be met by a small market selling local handicrafts which can be a delightful gift to take home for friends or family. There is a road that leads up the volcano through some of the volcanic formations which have occurred over time. It is an incredibly photogenic area so make sure you have a camera with you to capture some memories for back home.

The first place you will stop on your way to see this incredible volcano is called Mariscal Sucre which gives you a stunning view of one of the largest pinetree forests in South America. There is plenty of information here about conservation and the various activities that have gone on in the National Park in the past.

The highlight of the trip is going to be able to see the volcano from the summit of the neighbouring, Rumunahui volcano which stretches up to over 15,000 feet. This is an incredible travel experience that you shouldn’t miss if you are coming to Ecuador.