Visiting the gem of Asia that is Singapore

Singapore is a country of incredible glamour, and it has become one of the true gems of Asia. The city has a skyline which is quite remarkable, as numerous architectural projects have taken place in recent years, which are very ambitious, and have seen the city develop a huge deal.

It is not just the architecture that is very impressive in Singapore, but it has also developed as one of the culinary capitals of Asia. It is a country of fascinating contrasts because you will find that food is available in extremely expensive restaurants, and is of the finest quality, but there are also incredibly cheap options available on the street, where you will find incredible food, at a very low price.

Singapore is one of those destinations that doesn’t really have the best time of year to visit in terms of weather. Typically throughout the year, the temperature ranges from 24 Celsius to around 31 Celsius. However, between November and January, the temperature does dip slightly, as the monsoon season comes through the country, meaning that in the afternoons it becomes very wet. It is best to carry an umbrella if you’re coming at this time of year.

Booking a last-minute hotel can be challenging, especially if you are coming at some of the busiest times of the year. As we already mentioned, this is not usually to do with the weather, but more to do with the events that the country is hosting. For example, when the Grand Prix occurs in the country, it is going to be very difficult to find a hotel room, unless you are willing to fork out a large amount of money, and book a long time in advance.

There is only one airport in Singapore, which means that your travel options are somewhat limited. The airport is about 12 miles from the city centre, and there are three individual terminals. The best way to get from the airport to the centre of the city, where your hotel will probably be located, is by taxi, which will cost about £15, and will take about 20 minutes.