Visiting the Bund in Shanghai

The Bund is very high on the list of interesting places to visit in Shanghai, China located in the central Huangpu district. Overlooking the Huangpu River, which runs right across the city of Shanghai, the Bund is an open place that is appreciated by individuals and couples who want a place to relax and see the amazing Oriental Pearl Tower, standing at 396 ft high.

Boasting various locations for relaxation, taking photos and enjoying the cooling breeze from the river as well as a vast array of souvenirs the Bund really is a place for everyone and for a small amount of Yuan (Chinese currency) you could take a ride one of the traditional boats along the river and see the magnificent Oriental Pearl Tower up close.

Many visitors have enjoyed the experience of the Bund as well having their photo taken in front of the tower with pictures looking like something that may be found on a postcard.

With this in mind it is clear to see why the Oriental Pearl Tower in itself is an attention-grabbing tourist spot as when up close and personal it is clear to see that the tower is a magnificent architectural work of art and a sight that will never be forgotten.

There is a small fee to enter the tower and once inside there is a lift that will take you up through the three stages, with each stage costing more than the previous one but spending the extra bit of Yuan and taking a trip to the top of the tower is highly recommended.

Taking a trip to Shanghai is a magical experience at any time, and if you get the chance to go make sure The Bund and, indeed, the Oriental Pearl Tower are definitely on your intinerary.