Visiting London stress-free

London is a popular destination but, like all major cities, it can be pretty stressful. For some, this is part of the package while for others, it can be a reason to put them off visiting altogether.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

By planning ahead and thinking about alternative travel options, you might find London to be more enjoyable and relaxing.


One of the biggest problems for many is simply getting into the city. London is vast and has a big flow of people moving both in and out. It is important to plan you arrival and departure as much as you can.

If you’re flying in, one suggestion would be to avoid Heathrow airport, which has massive crowds from international flights, along with smaller airports like Luton airport, which struggle to offer much in their remote locations. Instead, you might opt for a middle ground like Stansted airport. It is well-connected, and a Stansted airport taxi service offers a quick, easy and affordable way to travel.


Another big problem for many is finding the right place to stay. If you visit the heart of the city, you have to put up with city lights, noises and every other disturbance.

On the other hand, you may be better off staying further afield. Airports, for instance, have various hotels that are more peaceful and spacious while offering transport links via taxis and trains to the city centre.

London is a big place and staying in the heart often has the downside of cutting you off from the rest of it. The benefits of staying near airports can also apply if you stay in quieter areas around the city. These offer quick links in and out of the bustling centre in comfortable surroundings with a quieter atmosphere.


As already mentioned, London is big and a taxi can prove ideal, especially when you have luggage and need some private space – good luck trying to get a family’s worth of bags onto a bus! You can find plenty of local services offering affordable fares so make sure you do you research and travel in the best way for you.

When moving in and around the city, the Underground may be a tempting proposition with its low costs and easy connections but remember to factor in the large crowds you’ll encounter – especially at peak times!