Visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, which is just over two hours away from Birmingham Airport, is a beautiful metropolis found at the Pearl of the Adriatic, the southern region of Croatia. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its history that is evident in its antique churches, museums, citadels, and walls. The place’s stunning beaches and Mediterranean weather also give delight to the travellers.

In the year 1991 to 1992, Dubrovnik was damaged under the Yugoslav People’s Army. After the siege, the city undergone repairs and since then, it maintained its beauty and charm. One of the go-places in the city is the cable car, which upon riding will give the best scenes of Dubrovnik. This cable car was built in the year 1969, and it has been experienced by 2.5 million visitors and counting. The Imperial Fortress was intentionally constructed in the same area to add more view while riding the cable car.

Also a must-see place is the Dubrovnik Ramparts, a magnificent monument in the country. The primary ramparts were established in the 8th century and more were built during the middle of the 15th and end of the 16th century. These ramparts cover the city with the shape of an irregular polygon, and have the Fort Minceta at the north west corner.

A visit in Dubrovnik will not be complete without seeing the Elafiti Islands, which is composed of five atolls and eight islands. The place has an abundant wildlife, and it can be reached through a boat ride from Gruz Harbour.

While in Dubrovnik, it is advisable to try Nautika Brsalje 3 in Pile Gate because it serves food that are made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant also has a good ambiance with its panoramic veranda that gives a view of the sea and the Lovrijenac fort. Due to its feature, the Condé Nast Traveller magazine considered it as the 6th most romantic eating place in the world in the year 2008.