Visit Morocco and Experience Morocco

Visit Morocco the organisation for Morocco that are responsible for promoting tourism there and they have recently launched a new advertising campaign which is aimed at bringing more people to the country during the colder months in Europe. This campaign features a video which shows a man in a dreary grey location, and how we can easily step in to a location that is much more sunny.

The video has an image of a man in a grey place, with chimneys in the background billowing out smoke, as he drops a pile of papers that are obviously to do with work. On the other side of the video, there is a very sunny location, where the man is seen holding a camera instead of files in front of a pool, and there are palm trees blowing in the background.

The idea behind the advertisement is that it clearly suggests that Morocco is very close by, and this is true because it is located right in the north of Africa. Morocco has a very different climate compared to Northern Europe, despite being so close. It is also the case that airlines fly there with very cheap rates, so you’ll be able to enjoy a holiday there very cheaply.

In Morocco, there are many fantastic destinations to visit, including the very popular city of Marrakesh. This is somewhere that feels worlds away from Europe, and you will really feel as if you have travelled a great distance, despite being so close to home. There are also many options to visit nature in Morocco, and one of the most notable places has to be the Atlas Mountains. On the Visit Morocco website there are a huge number of destinations listed which you can visit, and also their very affordable prices are made clear.