Visa free entry attracts the Chinese to Cyprus

The chance to get permanent habitation through a visa-free journey in Cyprus, a member state of EU, has attracted more Chinese property buyers. With this, both the older and younger Chinese people who get a lasting residence in EU can even send their children to different European schools, and they can visit them when they want to if they will fit to the suggested qualifications.

For instance in Cyprus, those who want to reside there should spend €300,000 on a property and must have a good moral and financial record. The person should also deposit €30,000 for at least three years, meeting those standards will get them the permit which can be attained within 45 working days.

However, the European commission, said that whether to grant them the residence or not will remain at the discretion of the national governments. As of this moment, the circumstances that will allow their entry in the Union are still inconsistent.

Because of that, head of the China programme for the European Council on Foreign Relations, François Godement, disclosed that he can see the issue boiling up. He said that those immigrant Chinese business men will be beneficial he has a feeling that it will make the eyebrows of the people in Brussels and other regions rise.

Paphos is seen as one of the many reasons why people are opting to reside in Cyprus. Many people see Paphos as a good place to live in because it is quiet and there are lots of green areas for the residents to enjoy.

According to Savvas Vergas, the mayor of Paphos, the country is getting more Chinese buyers because of its environment where there is little crime and everyone is friendly. He also added that many Chinese see a good future in the place because in the coming years, there are lots of plans for Paphos including a new port and new roads.