Vienna Is The World’s Number One City For Best Living Standards

The top city that has the best living standards in the world is Vienna in Austria, according to a recent survey.

Findings published by Mercer at the end of 2011 reveal the best cities on the planet for quality of living and European cities dominated the results list in the top 25 positions.

Vienna ranked number one for having the highest quality of living in contrast to Baghdad which had the lowest. Luxembourg scored the best for having top personal safety and again Baghdad was named as the world’s least safe city.

In particular to the UK, Aberdeen and Glasgow ranked in 44th place for personal safety beating London which placed 68th. But the English capital was overall the highest ranking UK city as it placed 38th. It was followed by Birmingham (52), Aberdeen (54), Glasgow (56) and Belfast (62).

The top 5 best cities globally for quality of living were;

1.       Vienna in Austria

2.       Zurich in Switzerland

3.       Auckland in New Zealand

4.       Munich in Germany

5.       Joint place; Dusseldorf in Germany and Vancouver in Canada

Mercer reportedly conducts the survey to help governments and multi-national companies compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. So if you are being relocated overseas, make sure you end up living in either of these cities and use the experts at Robinsons international removals to help you move.

A key conclusion from the report was that the top-ranking cities for personal safety and security were in politically stable countries with good international relations and relatively sustainable economic growth. Most of the low-scoring cities were in countries with, civil unrest, high crime levels and little law enforcement.

In terms of America, Honolulu and San Francisco were the highest-ranking US cities placing in 29th and 30th position which in retrospect is fairly positive. So if you are planning to move there, hire shipping to USA services and get excited!