Venice events not to be missed

As one of the worlds most popular destinations for tourists there are a great many reasons to visit the romantic city of Venice in northern Italy. This article will look at five great reasons to make the trip to the canal city this year.

Every year there is an international competition between the worlds’ choirs. The event, Venezia In Musica, is held in Venice and is a celebration of musical beauty. Several genres of music feature and there are many choral concerts held right across the city, as well as competitions in Venice’s many squares and churches, The Jesolo resort, just outside Venice also hosts an event, which is something definitely worth seeing.

The Venice Carnival is also a great attraction. Held in February, it attracts people from across the world to Venice. Over the two weeks duration of the festival there are many ceremonies, masquerades, costumed balls, parades and other sorts of festivities. Those who have come to the city for this event will experience Venetian culture on an impressive scale.

Famous for its glassware, Murano near Venice has seen most of its glass manufacturers moving closer to the city over the years. As the most notable export of Venice, the glass makers are known for creating glass art in many  intricate, dazzling and colourful ways. Going to Venice simply to see the process of the glass being made is reason enough to visit the city.

The combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Byzantine architectural styles in the city makes it a truly unique place. It is also possible to learn how Venice was built on stilts. Some of the finest examples of Venice’s architecture can be seen at the San Marco Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale. While these are exceptionally impressive, the rest of Venice is sure to impress any architectural buff.

Finally, Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in Italy and arguably, the world. With its gondolas cruising the vast network of canals the city has a truly unique atmosphere that people travel from all over the world to see. For a honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, Venice is the perfect destination.