Tyrol in the north of Italy is ski heaven

Waking up in the morning to a view of towering mountains with snow glistening in the winter sun is the perfect start to the day for those who love nothing better than wrapping up and hitting the slopes. Currently, the top destination for skiing in Europe is France, but the southern area of the Tyrol in the north of Italy, is aiming to address the balance somewhat with a great promotional video and the chance to win a skiing holiday here.

The words promotional video strike dread into the hearts of many, and it has to be said that we have been treated to some trite rubbish over the years. This one, thankfully, has got it exactly right, by highlighting the area in all its beauty and showing it off at its best. There is not even a voice over, only a piece of music in the background which is in perfect keeping with the mood of the video.

Once this mini travelogue has whetted your appetite, there is a chance to enter a competition to win a ski holiday here, courtesy of the new Dolomighty online ski magazine. While many of you will not be considering Italy for your winter break, the question has to be why not? Put all the best things about Italy, such as the wine and the food, with a veritable winter wonderland, and you have the South Tyrol.

Have a look at the video, enter the competition, and you could be the lucky one who is heading off to Italy to experience everything on offer, and so much more besides.