trip to western Canada should include time spent at Callaway Park

If you’re thinking about coming on holiday to Canada then you should consider visiting Callaway Park. This is located in the west of the country and it is a wonderful amusement facility that will entertain both adults and children. Here you will find a huge range of activities and there are many enjoyable sights, as well as places to eat.

It is not just artificial attractions that are available here, and it is also possible to go fishing in the facility where you will be able to catch trout. There is also a small minigolf area and several music shows held on a regular basis. This is one of those amusement parks that is not just targeted towards children, and it really has something to appeal to everyone.

This location can be found about 10 kilometres west of the Canadian city of Calgary. It is only open from May to September, as this is when the weather it’s best, and if you are arriving in a recreational vehicle then there is a park where you can set it up.

An attraction that is popular with both local people, as well as visitors, is the Calgary Stampede. This is an event that lasts for 10 days and starts in July, and by many it is regarded as one of the best outdoor shows in the world. The event is so popular that the entire town is absorbed by it and even local businesses close as people enjoy the ten-day event.

You will see lots of people dressed up as cowboys as Western wear becomes very popular. There are many events which include music, dance, pancakes and a wide variety of other outdoor activities. There is even a rodeo setup during this time where there are many shows put on by accomplished cowboys.