Travellers can now get vent at the baggage rules on low cost airlines through new mobile game

Both frustrated travellers and gamers now have access to a new mobile game that comes from a shipping provider for luggage. The game takes a swipe at the greedy, so called low cost airlines and their complex luggage policies, hand luggage rules and the high charges for excess baggage.

Available from the Android app store and iTunes, the tongue-in-cheek game has been developed by and is called Mickey O’Greedy’s Luggage Swindle. The game provides cheesed off travellers with a fun and stress free way to air their frustrations at the antics of the airlines.

With the playability and additive lure of Pac-man, Mickey O’Greedy’s Luggage Swindle allows players to play as Mickey, using a greedy grab hand to catch travellers with luggage, each time bagging ‘cash’ in the game. High scores can lead to discount vouchers on baggage shipping with SendMyBag and a passport-style leader board means fans can interact with each other and play competitively.

SendMyBag founder Adam Ewart said: “We wanted to develop a fun game that could be played by travellers of all ages, whilst they’re sat in the airport or on their travels. It can also be played simply by those who want to know what it’s like to be the one handing out the charges! The leader board offers the competition element, meaning it can be shared among friends and family. We’re really pleased at how it’s developed and we hope that Mickey O’Greedy is a character that the whole travelling nation will love.

“The game is fun, but is designed to highlight a problem which is far from enjoyable; the frustration felt by travellers as a result of confusing baggage rules and high imposed fees, which has almost reached fever pitch. It was the catalyst for founding SendMyBag, and our main aim is to bring affordable and reliable luggage shipping to travellers. The service has been really well-received since our inception almost two years ago and we’ve seen a huge growth in users. This is down to a combination of travellers looking for a fairer deal on luggage shipping and also the convenience of a door to door service.”

Convenience is a big issue; multiple check-in desks are being replaced with a single bag-drop queue, baggage carousel waits are growing and onward transport with luggage and sports equipment can be tricky. SendMyBag’s service collects luggage prior to travel, and it will be awaiting the traveller on arrival at their destination. Its standard and express services operate worldwide and to send a 30kgs suitcase or set of golf clubs within Europe typically costs under £30.

Visit iTunes and Google Play app stores now to download Mickey O’Greedy’s Luggage Swindle or play on desktop via Facebook.