Travel Brazil During the 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup presents the perfect opportunity for tourists and soccer fans to travel throughout the country of Brazil next summer. As the country with the most World Cup successes in history, Brazil has a great soccer tradition. They take great pride in the players they produce, with the likes of Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Zico coming from this great South American nation. This pride and passion will ensure that the 2014 World Cup is a spectacular event, and one that you do not want to miss. With 12 cities across Brazil hosting games, think of the World Cup as a chance to take a trip throughout this fantastic country.

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The Brazil World Cup is going to be an event like no other. There were initial worries about the country being ready, but everything looks to be on schedule. They are also hosting the Olympics a couple of years later, and the World Cup is the perfect preparation for that. The stadiums are either brand new or heavily renovated, and many cities have been redeveloped to ensure that everyone who comes has a great experience.

Up in the north of the country are the cities of Manaus and Fortaleza. Both cities will be hosting games during the group stages. Manaus is a beautiful city, and is the capital of the Amazonas region. This is a great area for wildlife enthusiasts, sports fans, and those who want to learn more about Brazilian culture. Being so close to the Amazon rain forest, Manaus is perfect starting point for rainforest trips. There are plenty of great parks, rivers, and beaches for tourists to enjoy in Manaus. The Amazonas Opera house is also a popular tourist point, with many great choirs, dance performances, and theater productions taking place.

Located right in the heart of Brazil, Brasilia is the capital and most modern city in the country. This city will be hosting group stage games and a couple of matches in the knockout stage. Highlighting how modern Brasilia is, it is the largest city in the world that was not around at the start of the 20th century. Despite its modernity, Brasilia has plenty of historical sites, such as the Eixo Monumental, the National Congress building, and the Cathedrdal of Brasilia. Along with these structures, there are modern architectural wonders such as the Palacio do Planalto (President’s Office) and the Palacio da Alvorada (President’s house). This is the perfect city for you to enjoy a week or so, take in a couple of soccer games, and explore the other cultural/historical sites.

A country that is full of tradition, culture, and a rich heritage, Brazil is the perfect vacation spot. Flights are inexpensive and there are plenty of hotel options for tourists throughout the year. While prices might be slightly higher during the World Cup time, tickets and reservations can be booked well in advance to overcome that problem.

For soccer fans, there will be no experience that matches seeing a World Cup in Brazil. European countries have a passion for the sport, but South America is unrivaled. The streets will be littered with fans cheering for one team or the other, and the locals will be in a party mood all month long. The opportunity to see live football in Brazil is one that should not be turned down!