Top-Flight Travel Gadgets

Top-Flight Gadgets for Air Travel

Whether you’re a seasoned air passenger or a first-time flyer, airport stress and in-flight discomfort are all too common. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Cut down on stress and stay happy while flying with these top-flight gadgets.

Stay Entertained In The Air

Tablets and smartphones offer an easy way to stock up on a variety of different entertainment such as games, films, TV shows. You won’t want to run out of battery, though, so make sure you pick up a good quality power bank to keep you going as long as you like. The best examples can recharge your device several times over, providing enough power to get you through any long-haul flight. Combine this with a set of noise cancelling headphones to keep loud engine noise at bay and focus on your entertainment. These are absolutely worth the investment, especially since there are some very budget-friendly options on the market.

Take The Weight Off When Queuing

Take the weight off when queuing

How long have you had to spend standing in line at the airport? It can take hours to get through a busy security area, or through passport control. That’s not what you want to deal with after a long-haul flight, or while waiting for an early-morning trip. Take the load off your feet with the Sitpack, a slimline portable stool. It’s only the size of a 500ml can when stored, but it extends to almost 3ft in length and provides a comfortable place to sit. It’s easy to use and it certainly beats standing for hours on aching feet.

Invest In Comfort Accessories

Invest In Comfort Accessories

There’s no getting around it; most commercial airplanes aren’t built for comfort (unless you’re flying first class). That doesn’t mean you can’t make things a little easier on yourself. Pick up a J Pillow, the travel pillow designed by an air stewardess who spent years watching passengers wrestle with awkward headrests. Cut out surrounding noise and bustle with the Music Sleep Mask, a clever gadget that can help you drift off with your favourite artist or podcast playing in your ears. These make travelling easier to handle, and let you get to your destination with the minimum of discomfort.

Enjoy Your Flight

These smart modern gadgets make flying abroad much more comfortable. Whether you’re travelling to America or Amsterdam, be sure to pick up some tech that makes your journey easier and more enjoyable.