Three London Vintage Stores worth Visiting

For some, London is more than just a geographical capital—many believe that it is the hub of latest fashion trends in Europe. London is always the first to have the newest, two very important factors in the fast-paced clothing industry. Amongst London’s finest hotels bang in the centre, you’ll find vintage stalls and fairs that spring up from week-to-week. Often shoppers find it hard to even keep up with the trends—they come and go in the blink of an eye.

Vintage fashion is becoming increasingly popular. The word is slowly shifting online, and so is the shopping industry. You’ll find a range of online boutiques that stock one-off items for you to browse from while you sit relaxing at home. But only the real vintage shoppers will know that there’s nothing like the real experience.

People often confuse vintage with cheap, but with good quality comes high price tags. Here are three of London’s finest vintage stores.

The Vintage Emporium

14 Bacon street Brick lane London E1 6LF
Nearest Tube Stop – Shoreditch High Street

The quaint Victorian-based tea room is home to an elegant vintage boutique. Stroll through a fine selection of clothes and accessories while enjoying the best Victorian treats and classic teas. You’ll find everything from the Victorian Era to the 1950’s while you stroll through the relaxing environment of the Emporium. This is a perfect start to your shopping trip—grab some lunch, sit back and relax as you look forward to the rest of your exciting day!

The Blitz Vintage

55-59 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JP
Nearest Tube Stop – Liverpool Street

Yet another vintage department store just off Brick Lane on Hanbury Street: the Blitz. Just opened last year, the Blitz consists of five rooms spread over two floors. Vintage stores usually run into the problem of having too few items—this certainly isn’t an issue here. It is the mother of vintage London, home to clothing, accessories, luggage, bikes, furniture, and more. You’ll jump back in time when you step into the Blitz. Reenergize in the café because you’ll need the power to make it through the whole thing.

Deborah Woolf Vintage

28 Church Street NW8 8EP
Nearest Tube Stop – Marylebone

Here is your chance for fame—Deborah Woolf, a local legend, has featured her work in Hollywood blockbusters ‘X-Men’ and ‘Inglorious Bastards’. Woolf is a common name thrown around the vintage crowd here in the capital, and her shop provides an impressive range of vintage clothing and accessories from the 50’s—70’s. Of course, good quality clothing is highly priced. You’ll find much cheaper vintage stores in the capital, but they will certainly be nowhere near as good as Deborah’s. Overpriced is defined as when something is “charged too high a price for”—but the term is relative. This stuff is worth it.

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Article courtesy of Sohaib Siddique who is passionate about experience and adventure travel and works as a freelance writer. When he isn’t around and about, you’ll find him pushing the limits on his bike or stuffing his face with his food obsession.