Thousands of adventurers apply for the trip to the red planet

Barely a week after the Mars One Project started accepting applications, more than 20,000 adventurers have applied to take part in this first of a kind space trip, and there are over 600 applicants from China. Whilst both the training and the trip itself sound incredibly daunting, the requirements the candidates need to have are extremely wide open.

You must be able to demonstrate adaptability, resilience and curiosity but two things that are not necessary are any scientific skills and you do not have to be an astronaut. Patience is another valuable asset seeing as this one way ticket to Mars, which is being organised by Dutch company Mars One, will not be happening any time before 2023.

This is not acting as any kind of deterrent for wannabe Mars explorers however, as in the past year, since the project was first revealed, more than 10,000 people from over 100 countries have expressed their interest in this trip and now the applications are flooding in. They have paid their fees and submitted their 60 second videos, which have been shared and can now be viewed by the public on the designated Mars One website.

The organisation are planning to have TV viewers vote for the candidates they most want to see go off into space. This can made some critics liken it to a reality show than a serious scientific project and over the course of 2 years, viewers are to have the fun of sifting through all the candidates until the final 24 have been chosen.

Those lucky enough to be chosen as potential colonists must be aged at least 18, around 5′ 2”, have 20/20 vision and be prepared to endure anywhere between 6 and 8 years training. The audience will also decide who will be the first 4 people to settle on the red planet, what happens then is anyone’s guess.