There’s something for everyone in Fiji

As a tourist destination Fiji has many things to offer a potential visitor. It has some of the most amazing lagoons in the world which are of the most incredible deep blue. Under the waves you will find some of the most stunning coral reefs in the world, known for their wide range of colours. In addition to all the spectacular nature, Fiji is a country rich in culture and history and you will find fascinating cultural attractions throughout this destination.

One of the most notable cultural experiences in Fiji is a dance that is completed by the native residents. They put on their grass skirts and do a dance which is very similar to that which you might have seen in Hawaii. Despite the many similarities it also has many differences that are unique to the history of Fiji. Dance is an important part of Fiji’s culture and while you are there it would be a good idea to get involved and learn to do some local dance moves.

Museums and historical buildings are some of the most treasured items in the culture of Fiji, and they are very proud of their long history and heritage. In the capital of Fiji, Suva, you will find a fascinating museum which is surrounded by the most beautiful of botanical gardens. Inside the museum there are architectural treasures dating back through thousands of years of Fiji’s history.

Other testaments to the long history of this country are the parliament building, a famous Hindu temple and the various buildings that were constructed during the time of British rule. One of the best things about the museums in the capital city is that they are not simply targeted towards tourists. They are very popular with local citizens as well and when you are touring round them you will see a fair mix of locals and foreigners.

It is also possible to buy many souvenirs around the museum, including statues, as well as what Fiji is famous for, tiki masks that have been handcarved. Suva is also the best place for seeing a meke show and these happen almost every night of the week in the capital city.

Fiji is also well known for its stunning caves and in the culture of the locals they are regarded as sacred. Despite this, visitors are welcome to tour around them and this is something that would be highly recommended to any tourist.

There are many tours operated around the country and these are properly what those who’ve been to the country talk about the most. They will really allow you to get an idea of the traditions of Fiji and they take you out of the city and away from the normal tourist areas into something a bit more unusual.

You will experience a side of the culture that you will find amazing and taking a tour will be well worth your time. As well as all these cultural attractions, don’t forget that Fiji has some of the most stunning beaches anywhere in the world.