There is no better place for natural grandeur than Alberta, Canada

Alberta in Canada is a destination that has a great deal of beauty and grandeur. There are numerous foot hills and mountains which have an extraordinary natural beauty and if you come to this area of Canada you are sure to want to explore the Rocky Mountains. Here you will find some very popular resort towns including Banff, Jasper, Waterton, Canmore and Lake Louise. Each of these destinations is very popular with tourists and draws a great many every year.

One of the great events in this part of Canada is the Calgary stampede. This is an event that combines all sorts of activities into a big festival and has a large number of rodeos taking place. It always happens during the first 10 days of July and it normally sees over a million visitors attend. This amount of visitors makes it one of the most popular rodeos in the world.

The festival isn’t all about rodeos however and there are many other attractions including stage shows, concerts, competitions, races, pancake making breakfasts, and a huge number of other attractions.

Another great destination to head to is Edmonton, which is the capital of this province. It is also one of the most northern cities in the area and it has recently undergone a great deal of urban renewal projects which have meant a huge range of parks and restaurants have opened. This has made the area are much more popular destination for visitors and many people come here to shop at the enormous West Edmonton Mall.

The city also has a great range of cultural attractions including many museums and art galleries. One of the best places to soak up some culture is south of the river where you will find a great deal of heritage buildings and also plenty of enjoyable locations to have a drink.