The Xanthos Valley is well worth a visit when on holiday in Turkey

Just a short drive away from Kalkan is the Xanthos Valley which has plenty of ancient sites and cities that date back to the Lycian time period. Due to this fact, the Xanthos Valley is a great destination because there is literally thousands of years of history to explore and unravel during a trip to this great architectural gem.

The Valley itself actually takes its name from Xanthos the ancient city that is the oldest city in the area. It is so old in fact that Homer even mentions Xanthos once in the Iliad! Although some of the monuments that used to mark Xanthos are now in the British Museum, there are still dozens of monuments in their original location and plenty of relics that you can see if you travel to the Valley.

For instance, one of the most popular attractions of the Valley is the ‘Harpy Tomb’ which is a tomb that dates back to 5BC. It is also conveniently only a twenty minute drive (or less) from most of the hotels in the Kalkan hotels making it easy to site see while on holiday without getting too far away from the main drag.

Another popular attraction is the Pillar Tomb that is shaped to look like a very large bird-table. This tomb is thought to be from either 3 or 4 BC and is quite a sight to see up close. Another great tomb is covered up with the Xanthian Obelisk which is thought to be the largest inscription that was made with the Lycian language.

It offers almost 250 lines of text and stretches across the pillar and four sides of a tomb that was created to replace what was formally the Roman Agora. This is also quite impressive and worth traveling out to see.