The unique islands of St Pierre and Miquelon

St Pierre and Miquelon are islands off the coast of Newfoundland and they are the home of around 6000 French citizens. Most of these people make their living by hosting tourists, or fishing. The islands are still a French colony and receive television channels from the country, and have even adopted the French postal system. Unlike many other parts of North America, they use European mobile phone technology and have a 220 volt power supply.

For such an unusual place, it is no surprise that these islands have a great deal of history. In the past several hundred years, the islands have been fought over by the British and the French continuously. That was until the early 19th century, when the final French possession happened and it has remained in the French’s hands for around 200 years.

Since this time, the islands have not been at war, other than during the Second World War. The islands are certainly not ones you should visit for the climate and you will find that even in the summer the weather is rather damp. Unless you are particularly keen on a very cold winter holiday, then you shouldn’t visit during the winter months.

The reason that it is enjoyable to visit these islands is because you want to experience the incredible history and culture that surrounds them. For those who are interested in wildlife, it is also a great destination to come to see the migration of the whales. As you would expect it is a particularly popular tourist destination with the French.

When visiting these islands you should be aware that they accept the euro, although it is possible to buy things with Canadian dollars. Canadian citizens do not require a passport to visit these islands, despite them being legally part of France.