The South Pacific really is as exotic as it sounds

Those who are looking for a perfect tropical island getaway the Cook Islands, Easter Island, Samoa, Tahiti and Fiji in the South Pacific should all be considerations.

These islands are famous for their stunning beaches that are lined with palm trees, their cascading waterfalls and beautiful tropical forests that can be found in the land.

If you are looking to stay on one of these islands then of the most popular option is to rent a self catering holiday property Tahiti and Fiji are two of the most popular islands in the South Pacific for couples who are looking for a relaxing and romantic break. There are beautiful holiday villas located right on the beach and most of these will also have a swimming pool.

Having your own holiday villa will mean you can explore the island at your own pace and enjoy visiting all of the wonderful sights that any of these islands has to offer. Snorkelling is also very popular in these locations as there are many coral reefs under the waves.

Samoa and Vanuata are other popular islands and these are generally associated with holidaymakers who are looking to take part in water sports. The water is incredibly clear and warm so scuba-diving is a wonderful experience. On these islands as well, accommodation is generally very close to the beach so you can literally step from your holiday home onto the beach.

Easter Islands and Tonga are what many people picture is a tropical paradise. The beaches have white sands and are perfectly clean, most people visit these places to just relax on the beach and work on their sun tan.

For holidaymakers looking for a great destination to go and relax, these islands in the South Pacific are the perfect location. Furthermore the locals are very friendly and they will make you feel very welcome in their home. The local food is something that most tourists want to sample and there are numerous local restaurants where you can eat out. The best thing about having self catering accommodation is that if you wish you can cook your own food to your taste.

The reefs that are located off all of these islands attract a huge number of tropical fish and if you go snorkelling or scuba-diving you are really going to be able to enjoy swimming amongst these fish. Most people are completely captivated the first time they visit these islands and often return for subsequent holidays.

Nightlife is also very popular on the islands and local songs are played at many of the bars. Many of these locations also serve up good local food, which mostly involves fish. A good selection of restaurants run by families are located on the beach and they have barbecues most evenings.

For those who have an image in their minds about taking a holiday on a tropical island then these South Pacific islands are the place you should head. The sea is warm and the beaches are clean which provides the perfect relaxing location to enjoy some time away from the stresses of everyday life. Whichever island you choose to visit you are going to easily be able to find suitable accommodation.