The scent of your favourite city captured in a bottle

The smell that a new place has is one of the most memorable aspects of travelling, and we have all muttered at sometime or another that we wish we could bottle it and take it home. Well now you can, thanks to a brand new line of fragrances called ‘The Scent of Departure’.

The eau de toilette sprays in this collection capture the scent of such exotic locations as New York, Paris, Dubai, Bali and Vienna. Newly released in the US, the product line is listed as innovation of the week on the latest Datamonitor Product Launch Analytics.

The essence of a city is often reflected in its sights, smells and tastes.  Experiencing these as a tourist is half the fun of traveling, but it is very difficult to take the distinctive smells of a city home with you.  At least it was difficult, until the launch of The Scent of Departure Eau De Toilette Spray.

What this 20 scent, unisex fragrance line attempts to do is evoke the scent and image of each city it represents.  Each bottle is affixed to a pack that looks like a checked luggage tag, complete with each city’s three digit IATA airport code to further underscore the travel concept.  Available scents and airport codes include Paris (CDG), Bali (DPS), Budapest (BUD), Istanbul (IST), Tokyo (TYO) and Dubai (DXB).

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor Consumer says that “the link of scent with emotion and memory is a powerful one, and it is easy to see how a product like this could be a big hit as a souvenir and as a reminder of pleasant travel memories, though some cities may be more known for bad smells, than good ones.”  He adds that “the concept of linking scent with travel is one that has the potential to resonate with consumers, even those that can’t afford an airline ticket to one of these destinations.