The Sacred Valley of Peru

One of the most popular destinations for people who are heading for a holiday in Peru is the Sacred Valley.

This has a very dramatic landscape which involves green valleys, snowcapped mountains and beautiful gushing rivers. In the area, there are many small rural villages which can be explored and many people regard this is the absolute pinnacle of any holiday in Peru.

Almost all companies that are operating holidays here will offer a tour that includes the Sacred Valley. It is also possible to set out alone to explore this part of the country and this would be well-suited to travellers who are a bit more adventurous. One of the best ways to see these attractions is to buy the special tourist ticket which costs $40. It offers entry to most of the worthwhile sites that can be seen in the Sacred Valley.

Most people decide to leave from the bus terminal in Cusco where a bus will take them to the main transport location of Urubamba. You mustn’t continue all the way to this transport location though and you should ask to be dropped off at Tiobamba, where it is possible to take a taxi to Moray whether there are other fantastic Inca sites.

The buildings at Moray look like amphitheatres but they were actually complicated laboratories where different microclimates were established. It was possible for the Incas to determine the different ways of growing crops and it was these laboratories which ensured a steady amount of food supply for the whole empire. Exploring this part of the Sacred Valley will take about an hour and there are very limited facilities here so make sure you bring enough water and food with you.

Take your taxi back to where you got off the bus and wait for another one which will take you all the way to Urubamba. From the bus terminal in this town you can take another bus to one of the most beautiful settlements in the Sacred Valley, Ollataytambo. Here you will find beautiful cobbled streets lined with homes that have been built in the traditional way. You get the impression that this small village hasn’t changed for centuries.

There is a very impressive Inca ruin in this village and you can also explore the surrounding hills with their stunning views over the town and the various ruins. There is a small amount of nightlife in the town and a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants for visitors to choose from. The aforementioned ruins open at 7am and if you get there early you will be able to enjoy them without the usual tourist crowds.

Close by is the town of Pisac which is a bustling location and will give you an idea of how rural people live in Peru. There is a huge market with produce from around the region and there are many stalls selling things as diverse as guinea pigs to coca leaves. The rest of the town is also worth exploring and there are some wonderful sights.