The many attractions of Japan

Japan is a country that is very popular as a travel destination and this is largely because of its extensive history, numerous attractions and wonderful sights. Japan is a country which is well known for being very high-tech, but at the same time it is very involved with its extensive history.

Japan is divided into several different regions and there are hundreds of cities all across the country which have different attractions for visitors. Some of the most popular cities to visit in Japan include Osaka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kawasaki, and of course the capital city, Tokyo.

Tokyo is a very densely populated city and is probably the most fabulous in all of Japan. Some of the most popular attractions here include the Imperial Palace as well as the intricate government building. If you are coming to Japan, then the city that should be top of your list for visiting should be Tokyo.

In Kyoto there are also numerous attractions which should be visited. This city is particularly well known for its temples and there are many throughout the city which are internationally famous. Perhaps the most well-known is the Ryoanji Temple. Hiroshima was probably the city most famous for being destroyed by the atomic bomb. If you are visiting the city today you will see a memorial park dedicated to the bombing and this is a must see attraction for anyone visiting the country.

Hokkaido is a city most known for its beautiful natural surroundings and is the home of Japan’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji. There is a famous Japanese castle here as well as numerous Buddhist temples which are worth any visitors time. Around this area you will also find some of the most beautiful national parks in all of Japan and these are something well worth visiting.