The Maldives, pretty close to heaven

The Maldives are a beautiful set of islands and whenever you go there they are sure to leave you with a great impression. However due to the climate of the region if you want to avoid bad weather there are better times of the year to visit than others.

The Maldives are made up of 1190 islands is actually coral reefs. They stretch over 800 km and run along the equatorial belt. There are very few variations in temperature during the year because of their location so close to the equator. Daily temperatures tend to be around 30°C but during the monsoon season this temperature can change and be as low as 20°C. December is the coldest month in the Maldives but it is still warm. April is the hottest month and the most rainfall is seen in September.

The geographical range of the Maldives means that you can experience different climates in different regions of the islands. For example in some of the more southern islands there is more rainfall, where as in the North it tends to be drier. The north-east monsoon brings the dry season and with it come clear blue skies, little rain, and low humidity. The south-east monsoon brings the wet season which will see strong winds, heavy rains, cloudy skies and rough seas. Often though, the rain comes for very short periods during the day while the rest of the time is filled with sunshine.

January to March sees the dry season and the change in seasons comes in April. May to November is the wet season with the season changing in December. The dry season is definitely the best time to visit the island especially as it is during winter at home.

The tropical climate means that the Maldives have very high humidity levels. During the wet season humidity reaches up to 80% and during the dry season it is still around 75% humidity.

It depends what you want from the Maldives when you are making the decision as to when to visit the islands. For those who want sunshine that never ends if you visited the dry season you’re almost guaranteed this. January to March sees very little rainfall on the island so you are sure to have great weather. Very occasionally there is the odd downpour but this will only last for a very short time and soon afterwards you will be back to uninterrupted sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

If you don’t mind spending more time inside the resort, and the Maldives is known for having some of the best spas in the world, you can visit any time of year. Don’t worry though you will still experience plenty of sun.

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