The Importance of Travel Insurance

It is hard to believe that there are still those who, to save a few quid, will run the risk of travelling abroad without travel insurance. Those travelling within Europe seem to think that all they need is their European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC, but although this will get you basic health treatment to the level of the respective countries equivalent of the NHS, there are many other reasons why you should have health insurance.

If you lose your money, or have it stolen, your insurance, depending on your level of coverage, will cover it and you will be reimbursed. Another thing to consider is if you arrive in resort and your hotel is closed, this may seem far fetched but it happens to thousands of travellers every year, and unless you are insured, you will then have to fork out for other accommodation to keep your holiday going.

Apart from money, you will more than likely have other valuable items with you such as cameras or mobile phones, and if these are lost or stolen and you don’t have any travel insurance you can kiss them goodbye and will have to lay out the cash yourself to replace them.

Another situation that insurance will cover is if your flight is cancelled. Travel insurance can get you on another plane from another provider so your holiday goes ahead as planned. Another instance is that holiday nightmare known as lost luggage. Imagine landing in Spain for example and only having the clothes you stand up in, and all your baggage and holiday clothes have gone to Turkey, or even worse can’t be tracked down.

Nobody wants to consider that they may have an accident or fall seriously ill on holiday, but this something else that happens to thousands of tourists. Your insurance will cover medical expenses incurred by your accident or illness, the extended stay of your immediate family, and basically take care of all the monetary issues arising from your misfortune so you can just concentrate on getting well and not have to worry about money.

Personal liability cover is another boon in travel insurance, as it is entirely possible that you could innocuously cause an accident in which someone is seriously injured, and they could sue you. Taking all this into consideration, who in their right mind would ever consider going on holiday without travel insurance, the answer to that is only the foolhardy.