The fascinating country of Romania

Romania is one of most popular and mysterious countries in Europe, and is often portrayed in a beautiful, lavish, and vibrant mixture of cultural values and landscapes all around the cities.

For having a number of majestic and artistic sights, the country is a paradise in disguise for travelers and tourists alike. Those who love luxurious holidays by train will enjoy roaming in and out of different cities as there is a big network of rails throughout Romania. It provides remarkable traveling options to the tourists.

Transylvania is considered as the birthplace of a Hollywood horror character known as The Count Dracula, who used to wander around the streets, in the dark, in quest of fresh blood that his preys were most commonly young and smart women of the country. High Carpathian Mountains are also a prominent identity of the country that cut out swathe through different areas of the land, making a zigzag of paths and roads.

Amateur of horror movies and ghostly apparitions must not miss out to explore Transylvania, offering marvelous views of natures, vistas of rolling green hills, and ancient architectural masterpieces and much more. You won’t see any Dracula or a vampire wandering off here and there on the streets yet you will be able to make the most of interesting places out there such as the cities of Sibiu, Brasov, and The town of Sighisoara.

Brasov makes it easy for the travelers to access small villages, castles, and churches that are worth-visiting up close. Another place to visit there is located on the outskirts Walacia provincial border and it is Sinaia’s Peles Castle which was built in the 19th century. On the northern border of Romania, you can catch the glimpses of masterpieces of Gothic churches and one most famous structure to visit is Painted Monastery.