The Evergreen State of Washington

Washington State is also known by its nickname of The Evergreen State, and it is known by this nickname because of the huge number of green forests in the area. Even though the nickname was given to the state nearly 120 years ago, today it remains more true than ever. There are a huge number of incredible national parks in the area, and the state has a long heritage of preserving its areas of natural beauty.

Here you will find a wide range of famous mountains, beaches, gorgeous, volcanoes and rivers, all of which will impress any visitor. The incredible pristine beauty of these areas, the natural history, as well as the abundant wildlife will be sure to impress you if you have come on holiday in this part of the United States. This is a destination that is popular all throughout the year, although there are peak periods where the weather is warmer, and it is more possible to take part in outdoor activities.

The coastal region in this state is particularly impressive, and you will find that there are great outdoor activities to do along the coastline. Walking along this part of the state would be few incredible views over the ocean, and wherever you visit, you’re going to be overwhelmed with natural beauty.

There are also many islands off the coast which are particularly beautiful, perhaps most famous of which are the San Juan Islands. These are not the only ones that are worth visiting however, and there are also many other islands which have an equal amount of natural beauty. If you’re coming to this part of the US, then hiking is going to be one of the best activities you can take part in. In addition to this there are plenty of rock climbing and mountain biking opportunities.