The Egyptian pyramids the worlds oldest tourist attraction

The Egyptian pyramids are one destination that has completely captured the imagination of many travellers. Many are simply mesmerised and fascinated by the feeling of being at this particular location, where awesome sights of architecture were constructed over eight decades ago on the shoulders of thirty thousand workers. Each year, millions of visitors throng to these pyramids, which are of huge interest to scientists, archaeologists and historians.

If you plan to visit these phenomenal pyramids, it is vital that you carefully time your trip. The middle of October to May happens to be the high season, and at this time of the year, the weather is most pleasant. If you are not acclimatized to the desert, you will find the summer excessively hot. Multitudes gather at the pyramids during warm weather and accommodation prices are much higher.

Those who can stand the heat may find it ideal to visit between the months of May and October. The pyramids are comparatively quiet because there will be fewer school children on excursion to the area, and tour groups are usually slower in this off season. Also, the month of Ramadan is celebrated in Egypt, so throughout the day shops and eateries remain closed, and no alcoholic beverage is served while Muslims fast.

There are over one hundred pyramids in Egypt, and most of them are not as magnificent as those in Giza. Your tour of Egypt is not complete if you have not been to Giza. To really experience the area, you need to join a guided tour. Many of them offer other expeditions too, including journeys down the Nile.

It’s possible for you to see the whole of the Giza pyramids from the exterior. But to see the interior structure, you need to be aware of some regulations.

First, be aware that tour guides cannot buy tickets for the main pyramids, so personally purchase this, and arrive early enough.

Secondly, only 150 tourists will be permitted to enter the Khufu Great Pyramid in the morning, and another 150 are permitted to go in during the afternoon.

Lastly, during any one visit to Egypt, visitors are not allowed into one of the 3 main pyramids to assist in its preservation.

When you do visit Egypt and get your first view of these amazing structures, you will agree that Egypt is indeed an appealing destination.