The combination of new and old makes Japan a fascinating place to visit

One of the vast reasons to take a trip to Japan is the fascinating combination of new and old that makes up Japanese society and learning about the history and culture.

Lucky enough to have avoided the World War II air raids is an ancient city known as Kyoto Japan which has resulted in it being able to offer many years of Kyoto history and original glorious architecture making it a heavy contender on the list of best tourist destinations in Japan.

A former capital of Japan, Kyoto is well-known for its vast beautiful temples and shrines and the fact that there is so many would mean you would have to take numerous trips to see them all. Despite this array of rich culture and architecture the first image visible when entering the city by train is a very contemporary construction.

A building well worth exploring is Kyoto’s railway station which has been noted as the most essential link in Japan’s railway network. A trip to the very top of the escalators will take you above roof level to the viewing area where you will be able to appreciate the stunning sights of the city.

But that is not all that the 15 story complex has to offer as you’ll also be able to enjoy a visit to the cinema, department store or the shopping centre. There is varying accommodation around the City including a hotel within the station itself and if that isn’t enough it even boasts its own helipad.

If the modern structures aren’t your thing then maybe a trip to Japan’s highest structure made of wood, the Toji Temple or maybe visiting beautiful gardens, the large moat or the quirk teahouses that the Nijo Castle has to offer.

A major part of the culture in Japan is Manga Comics and you might want to embrace this with a visit to the Kyoto International Manga Museum which is home to a collection of over 200,000 comic books.