The beauty of Vietnam awaits all visitors

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia and it is one of the most populated countries in the world, ranking 13th. The cultural history of the area is extensive and for this reason it’s become a popular tourist destination.

It also has an outstanding natural environments which attracts travellers from all over the world. There are sweeping coastlines, mountains, forests and caves here but Vietnam is probably most known for its incredible festivals and beautiful architecture.

Along the coast of Vietnam are some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and anyone who has visited Ha Long Bay will rave about its incredible beauty. The formation of the rocks and islands here are incredible and there are numerous grottoes and caves which are worth any tourists time to visit.

If you are looking for incredible flowers, stunning waterfalls and some of Vietnam’s most beautiful forests, then it would be a good idea to head to Dalat. This part of the country has a very temperate climates which can be a welcome reprieve from some of the heat seen elsewhere, especially during the country’s summer months.

One of the best beaches in the country would have to be Sam Son Beach. This destination has many accommodation options so you are sure to find something to me your requirements. Here you will find some of the most incredible holiday villas in all of the country and they will have all the facilities you might need when you are on holiday.

If you are not after a beach holiday then you could consider heading to Sapa, which is in the north of the country, and is a great destination for people who love nature. There are many beautiful gardens here that welcome visitors all year round and have incredible selections of flowers.