The beauty of the Greek Islands

In Greece there are over 6000 small islands, all of which belong to the country, and just over 220 of them are currently inhabited. The largest Greek island that has a population is Crete and the second largest is Euboea. There are many attractions for tourists on the various Greek islands and if you are coming to Greece, one thing is for certain, and that is that you are never going to be bored.

Greece is an ancient country and there are many museums in ruins on the various islands. While the history and culture are one of the reasons people come to Greece, perhaps more people come for the spectacular beaches. The sand here is known to be a stunning golden colour and the water is deep and blue. One of the best things to do while Greece is to take a cruise across the Aegean Sea. This will take you to some of the more distant islands which are less visited by tourists, but are still a wonderful attraction.

Shopping is another very popular activity in Greece and there are numerous different stores selling everything from jury to pottery. Clothing is something that is also widely traded and costs are very low here when compared with the rest of Europe. This means that visitors to Greece often come away with many more bags then they came with in the first place.

Greek food is very popular among tourists and there are many restaurants serving pitta breads with various wonderful fillings. Calamari is another classic Greek dish which is popular with visitors and it can be found at almost any restaurant, on any island. For those who don’t know, calamari is a type of dish where squid is sliced into rings and fried. Greece is a fantastic tourist destination for anyone looking for a great place to relax.