Tasmania even further down under

Tassie is a nickname for Tasmania, which is one of the world’s largest islands. It is a place filled with wonder and natural beauty and is famous as a destination for food lovers. There are also a great many sightseeing opportunities in Tasmania as well as many opportunities for adventure, including, rafting, bushwalking and kayaking, which are all popular on the island.

Ben Lomond National Park is definitely one of the most notable attractions in Tasmania. There are a huge range of activities to take part in in this park from skiing to bushwalking. In different times of the year the park changes greatly and if you come in winter you will find fantastic winter sports opportunities.

Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park is probably the most popular destination for tourists in all Tasmania. It is a UNESCO world Heritage site and anyone who visits can easily see why. The lakes in the region are crystal clear and surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and snow-covered hills. For those who want an idea of what real Tasmania is like visiting this national park is an absolute must.

If you enjoy boating and fishing then visiting Flinders Island would be a great idea. Here you will find a place where you can relax while fishing and enjoy the diversity of the nature which includes a vast range of birds and plants.

One of the most unique places in Tasmania is the Tamar Valley. It is a place where much agriculture takes place and in particular is known for its winemaking. Visiting a vineyard in the region is a fantastic opportunity for wine lovers and there is a huge diversity in the different tastes of wine in this region.

As well as these wonderful tasting opportunities this area of Tasmania has many other attractions which include, sprawling forests, beautiful orchid gardens and it also sees the Tamar River running through it.

For those who want to get a real taste of touring then Tasmania is an island that must be visited. Many people come to the island each year for a wide range of different purposes; some are seeking adventure in bushwalking and kayaking while others have simply come to enjoy the island’s fantastic wines. There is one thing for certain about Tasmania, that if you do visit the island you will be amazed by its diversity and its overwhelming beauty.