Taking your pets abroad is far from plain sailing

If you’re planning to travel abroad with your pet it can be a complicated process, with many airlines requiring you to make arrangements before you fly, in order to reduce any hassle before departure.

For example, British Airways, insists that those who are travelling with pets visit a pet travel agent before they fly. Unfortunately, this means that you have to pay the fee charged by the pet travel agency, as well as any costs associated with taking your animal on an aeroplane.

The cost associated with the pet travel agency can be significant and often they charge around £200. You may also find there are charges for having a box made for your pet to take on the aeroplane, as well as the fees associated with putting the animal on the plane itself. In many cases this can be several hundred pounds.

There is also the additional complication that once you arrive at your destination, you are going to have two organise the return trip through a travel agency in that country. This is likely to cost a similar amount to the price in the UK. Obviously, once you have put all these costs together, the price of taking your pet on holiday can be significant. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the cost associated with travelling with your pet.

If you’re travelling to a destination such as Spain, a better option can be to take a ship. The cost associated with this is significantly smaller and the cost for taking a dog from the UK to Spain will be a supplement of around £60. However, in order to be taking a pet you must be travelling with a car. Once you have arrived on the ship, there are kennel facilities and decks where you can walk your pet.