Taking a trip to Vienna

If you’re a traveller looking for a unique opportunity to view visually striking countryside while you travel then a holiday by train might be your thing with a view out of a cabin window where you can take in the endless views of wide open countryside.

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is an extraordinary city offering a vast array of pleasures on a rail journey whether your discovering Europe by yourself, with a loved one or on a family holiday. Due to the excitement the bustling city offers travellers of all kinds, a unique experience will be had by everyone visiting and the memories of their stay will last a lifetime.

The world renowned Schönbrunn Palace is right up there on the list of places to visit if your European rail journey has a trip to Vienna on the agenda. Once home to the Imperial Family the palace is now a tourist destination with visitors flocking from all over the world to admire its beauty and enjoy the garden mazes and visually striking flower beds boasting a wide variety of colours.

Named the “Museum of fine arts” the historic museum is in fact one of the worlds most renowned fine art museums home to the striking Imperial Collection as well as a sensational variety of priceless and extremely rare pieces. This grand museum also offers an awe inspiring abundance of masterpieces on show so if your holiday by train allows a stay in the capital then it is safe to say you will be delighted with what is on offer.

At the centre of this incredible city is the historic Schmetterlinghau which forms part of the Hofburg Palace where the Austrian president holds residency. Once in this beautiful building your breath will be taken by the recreated tropical rain forest that is home to to hundreds of butterflies that are free to fly around as they please in the perfect environment for them.