Taking a Blue Cruise to Turkey

If you are looking for one of the best cruise holidays currently available then it would be a great plan to look towards the Blue Cruise company. They will be able to provide you with a wonderful and relaxing cruising holiday along some of the most beautiful of Turkish coastlines. Turkey is a country with an enourmous amount of history and seeing the remains of civilisations long past on this cruise can be a great experience.

It is not just the nature and history that will be wonderful about cruising in Turkey and you will also find many wonderful attractions along the bank of the river. There are many villages with relaxing atmospheres that have a way of charming any visitor.

One of the real highlights about exploring Turkey in this way is that you are guaranteed to have incredible accommodation and meals each day. As the boat will move with you, it is more like a roaming hotel. You’ll have the opportunity to explore all of the attractions along the route knowing that at the end of each day you are going to be able to retreat to the sanctuary of your cabin and have a good nights rest – most probably after an incredible meal onboard the vessel.

Gulet crusing is not your typical cruising experience and you will find these vessels much smaller and more intimate than their larger counterparts. They are also usually constructed from wood and travel at slow speeds. Mostly they will house less than twenty guests and all will have either their own cabin, or will share it with a partner.

These vessels also spend a limited amount of time cruising and much more time is spent actually exploring local towns. Typically in Turkey one of these cruises will transport you for around three hours a day down river.