Switzerland without clocks

When it comes to videos to attract visitors to their country, we are used to the various tourist boards coming up with dream like montages of people having a wonderful time in the sun, or the snow, and basically offering a short travelogue. When it comes to the Swiss, however, we have grown accustomed to unusual videos that take us so far out of the box it is merely a blur in the distance.

The latest is no different, and they have taken one of the iconic items associated with Switzerland, the clock, and treated it with derision as something to avoided at all costs. The premise is simple; their aim is to do everything they can to ensure you get the most relaxing holiday possible, and to ensure that you sleep like a marmot at night without one ear being open listening out for the alarm.

Paul and Sebi are the two guys who take it upon themselves to remove the entire stock of clocks from their village. They do this in a very calm yet determine manner and clearly won’t be satisfied until every clock is packed into the back of their cart. No clock is safe, and even the church clock doesn’t escape their vigour and the hands are removed. Even the Cockerel is denied his morning fun by being barred from the village.

That’s not all either, if you dream of sleeping like the proverbial log, then you get a chance to win that opportunity, simply by entering the quirky contest at the end of the video. From 1900 Swiss time, which is GMT+1, you can log on and try and wake Sebi and Paul as they sleep soundly. There is a link to a video on YouTube too which shows the attempts of other who have made a nocturnal attack on the pair.