Surprising things lost in hotels by travellers from around the world

Gold Watches, vibrators, dentures… but also wives or mothers. Jetcost lists the most surprising items left behind in a hotel.

Not that long ago it was announced that the Cameroon world cup squad, of which Samuel Eto’o is a part of, when on their way to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup’s first training session, left two players behind at the hotel: defender Cédric Djeugoue and striker Fabrice Olinga.

As embarrassing as it was for those involved, the situation was easily resolved. It is undeniably difficult to explain such an oversight, but it is not the only thing that people have left behind in hotels.

The hotel and flight search engine has compiled a list of some of the most surprising things lost in hotels by travellers from around the world.

Some items are quite common, from phone and camera chargers, pyjamas and underwear, to books and alarm clocks as well as the lovable teddy bear that helps so many sleep.

The Travelodge Hotel Chain counted 75,000 teddies! It does not explain however the fact that there are people who forget their dentures (like one made of gold costing over €8,000), a lumbar belt, glass eyes and even a leg brace. How can these people even leave the hotel without these items? Even more intimate objects can be forgotten: dozens of vibrators are found every week, boxes of condoms and blow-up dolls… already inflated.

It is clear that the most painful omissions are those of a personal nature, even if they are always retrieved. A couple once left an 18 month old child on the bed of their room for a few hours. A businessman left behind his wife, only realising her absence when at the airport; another man forgot his mother who was waiting patiently; a friend and fellow drunk who did not wake up in time for their flight, or a husband-to-be that friends tied to the bed during his bachelor party. The worst fate however befell an urn containing ashes, which was never claimed by anyone. The list goes on…and although they are not human, they are loved just same but have equally found themselves being left behind: a dog, a snake, a hamster, a pet Bengal cat, a group of live snails…

The list of lost items is long. Within its research Jetcost found, among other things, a police officer’s gun under a pillow, a gold Rolex watch worth €60,000 and a diamond engagement ring retrieved just in time for the wedding, the keys to a Ferrari 458 or a Rolls Royce, a classic samurai sword belonging to a Japanese traveller left in a hotel in Istanbul, a wedding dress in the closet forgotten by a bride in a hurry.

In a Washington hotel $10,000 was found hidden in different parts of the room. The staff of a hotel in Cardiff found more than £1,300 in pennies and in Barcelona €200,000 in banknotes of 500 were found… but they were fake.

Sometimes the “oversights” are not accidental. A famous writer once said that he was in a Spanish city for an announcement. His appreciative hosts, acknowledged him with a large number of bulky books like “Amazing Aerial Portraits”. The auctioneer did not want to carry the books that he did not need from place to place before returning home, but he did not want to offend the people who had invited him by them finding the books in the bedroom afterwards either. After much thought, he found a small opening in the plaster of the ceiling of the room and he had an idea. He moved a dresser, placed a chair on the side, climbed up with the stack of books, removed the plaster… and whilst he was placing the heavy gift inside he discovered another set of identical books that some other illustrious guest  purposely chose to “forget”…