Summer family and single parent holidays

Summer is almost upon us again and our thoughts are turning to where we will be spending our precious holiday time this year. For many people holidays may be spent lounging around on the edge of the pool, or perhaps forcing down one more multi-flavoured ice cream.

For many people that is their ideal summer break for others the perfect summer family holidays have changed dramatically over the last few years and now many family and single parent holidays are spent far away from high-rise apartments and all-inclusive overindulging fortnights.

Modern holidays for both families and single parents are changing in ways we could only have imagined 30 years ago. For the 21st century many people are often opting for something a little more interesting and stimulating for their all-important summer break.

A big percentage of these holidaymakers are selecting thrills and spills of adventure holidays that can offer so much more than two weeks in Benidorm. And to meet this demand a new breed of holiday specialists has emerged.

These companies offer trips a lifetime not only to exotic destinations such as South America and Africa but also destinations closer to home such as Malta and mountains of Spain. Adventure holidays can be particularly enticing to single-parent families as they offer the opportunity to be with like-minded people who share the same interests and offering the opportunity to meet and mingle without any awkwardness.

There really is a massive selection of activities available for both families and single parents who want something a little out of the ordinary. If you’re little ones are not quite up to white water rafting then perhaps a week spent on the Mediterranean island of Malta enjoying kid friendly activities such as pizza making maybe right up your street.

If you feel that your children are of an age when they can enjoy something a little more ‘on the edge’ then adventure holidays really do have a lot to offer. And basically if you can think of it, there is probably a holiday that includes it. Whether your passion is to ride on an elephant in Sri Lanka or perhaps head into the jungles of Costa Rica or maybe try a truly exotic wildlife safari in Tanzania, all of this and much more can be part of a dream adventure holiday.

For slightly older children there is an even bigger selection of adventures waiting for them. Horseback riding in Spain or kayaking down the river in Turkey, or how about cycling, walking and rafting in the heights of the Pyrenees Mountains.

There really is so much of the world can offer families and single parents when it comes to putting some true adventure back into the parents and children’s lives. This in turn can make a holiday of a lifetime a truly bonding at the same time totally fun experience for everyone involved. So what are you waiting for why don’t you get out there and find out what the world has to offer.