Stopping off at Keszthely in Hungary is well worth it

A journey through Keszthely is an absolute must when planning a railway holiday through Europe. Situated by Lake Balaton this impressive city offers visitors the once in a lifetime opportunity to plunge in to the regions rich cultural heritage.

Keszthely offers a vast array of attractions while visiting the city as well as areas where tourists can sit back and relax embracing the picture perfect natural environment. With all this to do when travelling through by train it is safe to say the chances of you getting bored aren’t likely.

The Festetics Palace is an original country house which was built for the Festetics family and is an impressive Baroque style palace and is one of the most famous attractions. The building is now host to various concerts and special events and is home to the Helikon Castle Museum.

If you are a fan of diverse cultures then while planning a trip by railway through Europe be sure to include a visit to the Festetics Palace which has a library boasting over 100,000 volumes and enveloped in visually striking well kept gardens. It is without a doubt that a visit to this cultural treasure will have you embracing the charm and elegance that the palace offers.

The lakeside beaches should also be high on the agenda of anyone who luck enough to find themselves able to enjoy a hassle free way of exploring Keszthely while travelling through by rail. There are three stunning beaches to choose from so if you have had your fill of exploring and shopping then perhaps a calming stroll along the waters or a sunbathe may an ideal for you to unwind.

Balaton Museum an attraction that many visitors find themselves highly interested in while visiting Keszthely. The Balaton Museum Association was founded in 1898 and has contributed to the vast array of archaeological, ethnographical and historical treasures making a visit to this museum a glimpse in to the past which many not be achieved elsewhere.