Staying at home for your holiday can cost you a fortune

Brits who are cash strapped could well be considering ditching their usual fun in the sun for a holiday in this country, or a ‘staycation’. Many are under the impression that by the time you factor in the price of flights and the current exchange rate with the euro, they will actually save money by staying at home.  This summer, many will find to their chagrin that this is one costly mistake, and they will discover they are spending way more than they would if they had taken their usual overseas holiday.

The travel giant Thomas Cook has done some research to find out where to go to make your holiday money go the furthest, and it reveals that when it comes to those daily holiday essentials the UK is more expensive than 10 of the most popular holiday hotspots around Europe.

The company compared the prices of such items as a 3 course meal, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, a can of coke, a cup of coffee, ice cream, a bottle of water and a newspaper. These items cost an eye watering £34.85 in the UK, so for a standard 2 week holiday these items alone would cost you a whopping £487.90, a big chunk out of your spending money before you buy anything else.

Even with the euro being in its current state, it is still way cheaper to go to Europe as these items in Mainland Spain will cost you only £20.61 and £22.83 in Turkey.  Add up these savings on a daily basis and you are spending way more than your flights would have cost, factor in the increased price of accommodation in the UK and the cost of petrol if you are driving there, and your staycation could end up leaving you worse off than ever, and you don’t even have guaranteed weather.